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Monica is passionate about bringing together all the relevant parts of existing and emerging theory surrounding a cluster of topics which together, resulted in her own personal transformation and sharing this with you.  She mainly advocates for Womb Twins, Vanishing Twins and Lone Born Twin/HOM Survivors due to the emerging diversity within this group(s) and the urgent need for help against a backdrop of what feels like empathetic failure on the part of existing healthcare.  There simply isn't enough awareness and remedy available despite the increase in complex cases, which need companioning and championing back to the original trauma for resolution.  With rising statistics we can't afford to look the other way anymore, we can do something about it.


Within two years of her own personal Womb Twin discovery, following private work with Althea Hayton, effective healing was achieved which inspired Monica to share her personal progress with other Womb Twin Survivors and create a global community online called Twindividual Chat. The results she is seeing and hearing about from the community around the world who are reading Althea Hayton's books and using the Womb Twin and Twindividual paths provide evidence that this syndrome is real, it has patterns and a path for resolution with proven results, indeed the effects of early twin-loss traumas can be resolved and what is left can be managed and integrated into the alpha Twindividual.  But is it a syndrome or is it merely an appropriate reaction to a chain of traumatic events we never forgot for good reason, which was beyond our control, and now requires resolution?

In 2009 Monica began organizing healing workshops in NYC with Althea Hayton and became the US representative for Womb Twin, contributing to the US and World Blogs.  She launched Twindividual in 2011, the same year she spoke at the Womb Twin Conference in St Albans UK, and ever since she has made it her mission to inspire Womb Twin Survivor personal transformations everywhere she goes.  In June 2019, she spoke and led two workshops at the Alone Born Twins Conference in Amsterdam in her first public update in five years since the passing of Althea Hayton, joined by her son UK psychologist Philip Hayton.

Monica stays informed on topics relevant to Womb Twins in these areas: 

pre- and peri-natal psychology, birth psychology, behavioral and cognitive therapy, attachment theory, human development with a focus on the pre-natal period-conception through birth, trauma recovery, pregnancy, birth psychology, neuroscience, genetics, epigenetics, prematurity, IVF/ART, medical anomalies and of course, all things twins/multiples...living/deceased.  She is an instant database on the variety of topics Womb Twins face, not just in theory but in reality - this is what makes her a rare resource, in addition to her independent, agile approach.



Monica's book is in progress, meanwhile, her womb story is partially documented in two published books by Althea Hayton: 

A Silent Cry and Womb Twin Survivors.

Monica also co-contributed/co-edited and photographed the cover for "Ripples From The Womb" 

(available on Amazon).

Monica in NYTimes article re: Twinless Twins


Although Monica is very active with the Womb Twin Survivor community, she also makes herself available to Twinless Twins who lost their Twin early/mid/late in life; Living Twins whose relationships contain imprints from the shared womb experience; as well as those who are both a Womb Twin Survivor and Twin or Twinless. 

In addition, she adeptly navigates non-twin pre-natal imprints which include themes of survivor guilt or other trauma, such as Haunted Womb Syndrome (imprints from womb loss which occurred prior to conception).

"I feel it's my responsibility to bring these important topics to light and continue refining them for the everchanging landscape of WTS because there are currently only a handful of people in the world with this knowledge - we must keep the light focused and powered-up, ready to greet the newcomers to this growing epidemic"

                                         -Monica Hudson

Monica Hudson with Althea Hayton

March 2014



Althea's final vision:

2020 Year of the Twin

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DISCLAIMER:  Monica does not diagnose, treat, prescribe, advise or operate as a medical healthcare provider. She is a living example of Womb Twin transformation whose tools and wisdom may result in the outcome of radical personal transformation in others.  She is not a licensed healthcare professional.  Contacting her means you are aware of this fact and consent to receive the benefits of her time at your own risk.  You acknowledge that her shared experience is not intended to replace traditional medical treatment and agree to seek proper medical attention or psychiatric care, as needed.  You acknowledge that Monica is not providing medical advice and her service does not replace such roles/methods in your treatment.