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Someone who started life as more than a singleton, whose twin/multiple died before or after birth

(this site is primarily a resource for Womb Twin Survivors)

This group is made up of two main categories:

Womb Twin Survivors

twin/multiple died at birth or before - confirmed or suspected

Twinless Twins

twin/multiple died after birth

note: if your twin died at birth you might explore both groups, however, such early loss usually identifies with Womb Twin Survivor Syndrome

 These categories cross-over creating these categories :

Twinless Twins who are Multiple Womb Twin Survivors 


Twins who are Multiple Womb Twin Survivors

confirmed or suspected


confirmed or suspected


Related categories:

Separated Twins  (at birth or later)

confirmed or suspected

Superfetation Twins  (Womb Siblings)

current or surviving

current or chronic

Estranged Twins / Twin Rivalry