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Many womb twin survivors don't know that they are... until the discovery of this phenomenon and its patterns suddenly explains everything. Fortunately, now there is proof of twins "vanishing" but for many older womb twin survivors there will never be confirmation beyond what they remember... and they do. 

Providing a safe space without judgment to explore the resonance of whether you once shared the womb space with another can feel overwhelming or numbing and deeply authentic.   Whether pre-natal imprints containing the trauma of grief are indeed part of your history, whether you have proof or not, know that you are not alone with these feelings.  We have a community who support each other in our quest of self discovery and we notice that the earliest traumas have the potential to remain imprinted in the psyche until they are accessed and released.  We see early stories emerge containing themes such as:



  • The egg splitting, the other twin not forming well, not implanting, being reabsorbed, mis-carried, etc...

  • Quiet non-responsiveness of the twin who ceases yet remains in the womb along side the surviving twin

  • Abortion attempt on themselves or their twin

  • The pact made about who stays and who goes

  • Maternal rejection/ambivalance, toxicity in the womb or other unwelcome, anxiety-producing feelings

Some scenarios that lead people to discover their inner Womb Twin:

  • Unexplainable depression, sadness, loneliness, grief, despair


  • Self sabotage/Self harm: unable to fully live life


  • Sonogram proof of Vanishing Twin Syndrome: always knew

        but never explored its affect

  • A traumatic life event triggers intra-uterine memories


  • Constant vague sense of someone there or something missing

        but don't know what it is

  • A sudden intense realization that there's more to the story and

       one has been living as a false singleton

  • When traditional approaches to healing particular issues can't achieve resolution

Womb Twin Survivors seem to carry memories as early as conception, to the surprise of the rest of the population, perhaps because they are relating and suffering trauma so early. When pre-birth grief is discussed in community, not trapped inside unexpressed, we notice a decrease in symptoms leading us to believe the disturbances in our fetal development which affected us and left imprints, shaped our perceptions and relationships toward self, others, space, food, life and death and by re-entering that pre-birth conversation - together, not alone because alone is the issue to begin with - we see lifelong patterns shift.  The story comes from deep inside each person we meet, they usually have all the information they need, they just require assistance resourcing internal and external data in order to validate their discoveries and put the story in front and then behind them.  We are seeing symptoms alleviate in a measurable way.