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Despite the terminology used in these testimonials,

Monica Hudson is not a therapist or healer, she is a Womb Twin Survivor with transformative knowledge which, when shared, potentially inspires personal transformation and healing outcomes in other Womb Twins due to the power of shared experience. Womb Twins do their own work, she just shows up to make sure!

what Althea said in 2011-2013

"Monica has recently discovered a natural talent as an effective transformational healer. She learned a great deal on her own healing journey over several years yet is open to further discoveries as her training continues. She has already made a significant difference in the lives of the people she has worked with. She is a pleasure to work with, as she is open to new learning but at the same time is confident enough to develop her own methods. I wish her well in her work with womb twin survivors".

Monica Hudson & Althea Hayton,

2011 Womb Twin Conference 

St Albans, UK

Monica's presentation :

"Making Our Lost Twins Real

and Letting Them Go"

Althea Hayton + Monica Hudson,  2013                                      

"You're the one who has worked most closely with me over the longest period.  You're probably the world's most experienced Womb Twin Survivor therapist"

what TWINDIVIDUALS are saying...

"Doing Twindividual work is what really helped to prepare me to develop my own work, which has now helped so many others"


         - Embodiment Professional + Trainer + Coach from Finland

Learning about my past twin experience has changed my life completely.  Having had depression since childhood and body dysphoria for many years prior to learning about a twin girl that died next to me in the womb.  I desperately used to re-enact my twin by living as a transgender woman for 5 years.  I was on the verge of ending my life until I suddenly remembered a phrase my mother told me when I was 7.  "You were actually supposed to be a twin"...I started researching on my own, but my subconscious struggled to heal from the love and trauma that was buried in my psyche.  

Monica was there as a guide.  She knows how to lead you towards the necessary revelations that exists within the "dream of the womb."  Your guilt-ridden mind will often try to resist healing, but that's when Monica comes in handy.  Because of her creativity, open-mindedness and vast range of healing tools - she will find a way to apply a proper healing-method that suits each individual differently.  But I guess it's what you can expect from someone who is highly empathic and intuitive, who has the much needed experience herself as a womb twin survivor.  

Today I have managed to overcome my survival guilt and re-enactments.  I can for the first time in my life say that I am stable and content with myself.  Monica was seriously my trustworthy angel through Skype, for a roller-coaster 6 months period."

                             - 25 year old Womb Twin Survivor from Norway


I think you are the best therapist I have seen in 20+ years. 

                                  -42 year old Womb Twin Survivor from Canada

Dear Monica, 

Thanks very much for our phone conversation. The insights you shared brought me immediate relief and I've felt like a different person ever since!  Your sharing about 'beta sabotage' made perfect sense and has given me more peace than I've felt for months.  Thank you!

                                            -45 year old Womb Twin Survivor from Vermont

You perfectly described my feeling about coming home. I'm totally identified. I already started to work with. It's incredible its content match with all my issues!  Throughout my entire life I carry a profund lacking feeling I never knew to explain. And today I feel that all pieces are fitting in.  I took depression and anxiety medicines for some years, I did psychologic therapy, also some holistic treatments. All that stuff gave me some ways to deal with the "hole in my soul". However, not enough to move on in a healthy way.  I believe I found the real healing path for my life.  After my 38 years old I found the clue which finally does make sense. Thank you!

                                       -38 yr old Womb Twin Survivor from Brazil

Even though I am in a good place in general terms, I have not  and will never forget my struggle to get here.  There is no conclusion to the story, it is an ongoing trip.  I feel so blessed to have my twin and triplet in my life, they are still ever-present.  I used to have so much anger many years ago, now I know it was due to a combination of things & I have reconciled that and can move on to more peace.  But I will never forget how and why I came here, and Monica, you and Althea are a huge part of that, your counsel, your guidance, understanding and love brought me there.  I will be eternally grateful!

-64 year old Womb Twin Survivor from New Jersey

“My 15 year old daughter with Vanishing Twin Syndrome has been struggling all her life. She has been to various therapists for the last three years who truly wanted to help her but just didn’t know how. I would give her therapists copies of Althea Hayton’s books and ask them to please utilize some of the treatments prescribed by Althea in their quest to help my daughter. Unfortunately, the therapists never did employ any womb twin survivor techniques with her.

      I am not sure why but I am assuming it was because they either didn’t know how or didn’t understand the syndrome. Traditional therapy methods have not really been beneficial in helping my daughter. In my desperation, I reached out to Monica Hudson and asked her if she could help my daughter. Monica was a godsend to us. She graciously agreed to help us and my daughter has been progressively getting better with Monica’s guiding hand. Monica completely understands my daughter’s thoughts and behaviors and knows what to do to help my daughter resolve the issues that surround this syndrome. The road at times has been very difficult and there is a lot of pain and anger that is associated with this syndrome but my daughter understands that this painful process is necessary at times in order to get better. I am grateful every day that Monica unselfishly and compassionately makes herself available to help the many womb twin survivors around the world. My daughter has finally found someone who understands her and I thank God that she is finally getting the help that she so desperately needs. With Monica’s help, my daughter has a wonderful chance of living the majority of her life without the debilitating effects of being a womb twin survivor.”

-Mother of confirmed VTS from California


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I have suffered from my missing twins for the past 30 years. It's been very much up and down and I've never been able to get close to the other side until I started my work with Monica. Simply AMAZING how prenatal events can affect us so much. Through our skype sessions I've been able to make sense of my story and Monica has given me great homework exercises that have given me tangible results. I keep improving and I (as well as my entourage) see massive behavioural changes in me. I can't recommend her enough, I believe in this work a million per cent!
There should be put more research into this field; prenatal psychology is underrated. Speaking as a physiotherapist I focus a lot on evidence but this has to be FELT and I cannot wait for it to grow bigger and better known and accepted in the world. 

                       - 30 year old Womb Triplet Survivor from Denmark

- 38 yr old Womb Twin Survivor from New York

   "Before I met Monica I was a confused singleton. I spent my entire life not knowing that before birth, I was a quad. My wombtwin story involved multiple, very early loss. The deep sense of confusion and 'not knowing' who I am followed me into my adult life, and while I was able to work out much of the physical and emotional damage that ensued as a result of my early trauma, I could not tap the spiritual. Through art-therapy, womb-drama and bountiful hours of intuitive talk, Monica got me inside the womb. I met my wombmates (one girl and two boys)... and never looked back"

"With her total loving presence, gentle yet firmly rooted guidance, and tremendous knowledge of the many possibilities that womb twin survivors experience, Monica has guided me out of the relentless hopelessness of ever feeling peaceful.  After 31 years of trying to heal, in just 7 reflective months, I now have a totally new and optimistic view because I am a new person.  I have become an achiever, rather than hiding my many powerful skills, am open to the great things out there in the world with no reservations, and my life has been saved.  It’s never too late, I have learned, and without Monica’s powerful inner tools, I don’t know where I’d be today"

 - 61 yr old Womb Twin Survivor from New York

"Monica is a great help to me during my wombtwin healing journey. All the time I read her words, I have the feeling that she exactly understands how I feel. She is very intuitive and all the time connected with the greater twinness that all twins, whether born alone or with a living twin, have in common. She is kind and encouraging and often knows what I need before I know it myself. I very much appreciate the friendship that connects us"

 – 24 yr old Womb Twin Survivor from Germany

“I am feeling whole, happy, JOYOUS and free.....People who see me say they see a new aura and confidence about me they have not seen before. I was just at a family wedding Oct 23 and my aunts and uncles were going on and on about how radiant I look. I do feel WHOLE Monica. I love ME. I love my life. I love God. I feel so worthy and purposeful"

- 52 yr old Womb Twin Survivor from Missouri

My work with Monica was nothing short of magical. After 14 years of traditional therapy and a lifelong search to figure out why, no matter what I did, I always felt so alone, a single session with her unlocked a new way of thinking and approaching my relationships. My missing pieces have all come home.

- 45 yr old Womb Twin Survivor from New York

  "Working with Monica has been nothing but a gift!

She handled the situation just perfectly and addressed all my concerns without ever making me feel like I had lost my mind (even when I thought I had !). She championed me and celebrated each small victory with me. I felt her kindness and her genuine desire to see me get better throughout the process. She was prompt at answering my questions and so diligent in receiving the many notes and art pieces I sent her. She has an eye for details and perceives relevant information and gives it back without ever making you feel bad, guilty or broken.


What’s special about Monica is that she’s gone through this journey of reclaiming her life and graduating as a twindividual herself. Plus, she is constantly training to help others. It is such a valuable combo that makes her a great professional.


All in all, I am truly blown away by her vast knowledge of the womb twin phenomenon and have no doubt that she is the right person to go if you want to bring light and clarity to your past as a womb twin. If I didn’t know any better I’d say she’s one of a kind ! ;)" 




- 34 yr old Womb Twin Survivor from Germany

"Yikes!!!!!!!! happiness overload. Had wonderful dreams last night. woke up and was glad i woke up! (That's new!)  I feel a calm now and I feel more complete. Thank you so much and I am settling into my skin now. What counselors couldn't do in years, was done in a couple hours.  I will not tell my kids at this point, maybe never, but they are about to get a new mom. Whew!"

- 61 yr old Womb Twin from Illinois

Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Syndrome effects


Due to their hypervolemic status, recipient twins demonstrate multiple cardiac abnormalities, the most prevalent of which include cardiomegaly, biventricular hypertrophy, and atrioventricular valve regurgitation.

The prevalence of atrial septal defects, which were found in recipients and donors, was elevated as well when compared with the general population


"I didn't look up all the 'big words' in the first sentence but they seem to be heart/valve related issues.  As you know I was born with 'a hole in my heart' with is an Atrial/valve Defect.  After a few (6 I think) weeks in an incubator, I was fine and able to go home.  The issue fixed itself".  


Renin and angiotensin II have been demonstrated to be elevated in both donor and recipient, but research points to different mechanisms affecting this result in each twin. RAS is increased in the kidneys of donor twins, but down-regulated in recipients. 


"As we discussed, I have had a 'fluid' issue for many years.  Excess thirst.  Excessive sweating.  Excessive/urgent urination and incontinence.  Best I can understand from reading about RAS is that it controls the 'fluid balance' in our bodies .. .totally makes sense!"   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Renin%E2%80%93angiotensin_system


"The photo you sent me with the TTTS image - one large twin and one small one - had an immediate impact.  When I looked at the photo I immediately felt uncomfortable in my whole body.  I was able to relate the feeling to how I feel when I am bigger/taller than someone - when I 'tower' over someone I feel very, very uncomfortable - I want to leave the situation immediately.  I always figured it was because it didn't happen often (Im only 5'4) - that I was uncomfortable with being bigger/taller than others.  Now I realize it is from the womb - I associate being 'bigger' with the demise of my twin Jessica and all associated feelings." 

- 42 yr old Womb Twin Survivor from Canada

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Screen Shot 2021-01-10 at 9.57.04 AM.png

-21 year old Womb Twin Survivor from England

“How can I put into words the great and loving work of Monica Hudson. To know her is to come out more loving, full of more wisdom and learn how to laugh at same time. I was an Identical twin for fifty five years. Now, sadly a twinless for nearly ten years. What a contrast. I was in the pits of hell when my twin died.  Shortly after, I was graced with meeting Monica Hudson who is a very early-loss twinless (and womb twin survivor).  She sure did lose her twin and more, but she never lost her grace. She had dedicated her life to helping herself to learn wisdom and truth. By doing her healing homework, she is now more than ready to teach others how to gain control over their losses and be as whole as possible.  Monica has a heart and soul of pure gold and has the gift to help others. She is the greatest treasure and better than a box of tissue when your eyes are wet. She will help dry the tears and replace your fears with finding better ways to cope.  AS FOR ME I KNOW .......MONICA IS THE BEST!!!!”       

                                                                                                                                                       -73 year old Twinless Twin from Oregon


– 64 yr old Twinless Twin from California

Early Blog Comments about Monica - WombTwin@yahoogroups.com                                        www.twindividual.com

(Monica was the main contributor to WombTwin Blogs following Althea Hayton - after Monica's resignation in 2020 from the Womb Twin organization her authored work was changed to "Author Unknown" by new Womb Twin management while Monica's authorship continues into 2021+ across multiple platforms she controls independently in the spirit of keeping Althea Hayton's pure light lit for future Womb Twin Survivors)


  • “I lost my twin at birth and can RELATE TOTALLY to what you write about. At mid-life, I am just now starting to understand why losing her has had such a profound impact on my life. It explains a lot of things I've always wondered about.  Thank you, Althea for your research in this area. And, thank you Monica for this blog! It is needed!”

  • "I want to say that you have hit on something for me.  I really appreciate your insight Monica”.

  • "Thank you for posting your experience, I think there is a lot of healing in it!  I felt it in myself when I read what you wrote”.

  • “ I have never shared in this group before but the synchronicity was so great that it made me come out of my shell of safety…...when i read your piece, Monica, I knew instantly that it was a little miracle. Thank you again for helping me to come out from the safety of entrapment and become more willing to face my fears”.

  • “Monica, what a marvellous interpretation”.

  • “What a very interesting article.   It certainly gives one food for thought.   Thanks, you've given us a lot to think about”.

  • “Great post! Really well written and I totally understood what you went through.  AMAZING!  I’m so glad you’ve discovered your alpha and I discovered you!!”

We're Alone in this Together!