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A Former Twin/Multiple who has healed their grief, reclaimed their individuality,

free to live their life in peace knowing they will always be both.

"Being" is a newly defined concept for former twins/multiples whose identity began in the duality of another presence, who learn they were originally wired to be a twin/multiple but find themselves living as a false singleton.  A false singleton trapped in an unarticulated pre-verbal trauma response which they believed was normal because it has been their default setting.  Being means freedom to be one's most authentic Self, free of survivor guilt.  A Self who is at peace and in their power to live the life which is their rightful inheritance, is our entitlement.  Accepting this requires giving one's Self permission to be your most authentic Self.  The Self you've never been due to identity confusion.  This can be difficult for Womb Twin Survivors who feel Selfish being a Self so it must be learned.  Being is enough!

To help fellow womb twins access their own personal transformative process, Monica distilled A Healing Path for Womb Twin Survivors by Althea Hayton down to eleven essential steps for every type of Womb Twin Survivor, this condensed Path was approved by Althea Hayton and is called TWINDIVIDUAL.  You are invited to learn more by requesting a free 30-minute Discovery Session.

"I am a Twindividual" is the title of Monica's personal story in the book 

"A Silent Cry" by Althea Hayton -  this term evolved out of the necessity for a

positive identity declaration because, after all, a Womb Twin Survivor 

will never be a twin or an individual.  We don't always want to be identified as a Survivor or "-less" so this affirmative identity term more accurately reflects our walk between worlds.

"I will never be a twin and I will never be an individual, I am at peace with my truth and in my power now, I am a Twindividual."


- Monica Hudson