A Former Twin/Multiple who has healed their grief + reclaimed their individuality,

free to live life in peace knowing they will always be both:




TWINDIVIDUAL is a culmination of personal transformation, an authentic destination, an identity declaration and a place to is a roadmap, a path for healing Womb Twin Survivor Syndrome, developed by Monica Hudson based on the work and principles of Althea Hayton, which results in more authentic "Be"ing.

"Be"ing is a newly defined concept for former twins/multiples whose identity began in the duality of another presence, who learn they were originally wired to be a twin/multiple but found themselves living as a false singleton.  A false singleton trapped in an unarticulated pre-verbal trauma response which they believed was normal because it had been their default setting and provided coping mechanisms for survival.  A reclaimed state of WTS Being means freedom to be one's most authentic Self, free of survivor guilt, which requires resolution of the womb story.  A reclaimed Self is at peace and in their power to live the life which is their rightful inheritance.  Accepting this, and stepping into authenticity requires giving one's Self permission to be their most authentic Self - often for the first time, no matter our current age. The authentic Self we've never been can contain habitual identity confusion, grief avoidance and resistance to healing as well as an intense yearning to be released and expressed - now Twindividuality can be supported.  "Being" is enough...

"I will never be a twin

and I will never be an individual, 

I am at peace

with my truth and in my power now,


-Monica Hudson


To help fellow womb twins access their own personal transformative process,  Monica distilled A Healing Path for Womb Twin Survivors by Althea Hayton down to eleven essential steps for every type of Womb Twin Survivor, this condensed Path was approved by Althea Hayton and is called TWINDIVIDUAL. 


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Meanwhile, please see TWINDIVIDUAL transformational case studies on wombTV @ - an ongoing archive showcasing the outcomes of this Womb Twin Survivor work.


is the title of Monica's personal womb story

in the book 

"A Silent Cry: Wombtwin Survivors Tell Their Stories" edited by Althea Hayton,

Elizabeth Noble (Foreword) published by Wren Publications (2008)


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