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15 yr old Female WTS with proof of twin loss at 6-8 weeks conception

TWINDIVIDUAL reversed symptoms:

suicidal thoughts/self-harm/eating disorder/body dysmorphia/misophonia

(watch on wombTV @ socialbeforebirth.com - this womb story is called CAMRYN, see also free film CAMRYN'S MOM to learn about the pregnancy) 

BEFORE                               AFTER TWINDIVIDUAL

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real sonogram - 8 weeks:

twin sac empty & collapsed


64 yr old Male Triplet with no proof

BEFORE:  Medical Prognosis - 2 Years to live 

AFTER TWINDIVIDUAL:  Alive + Thriving 4 years later

(watch on wombTV @ socialbeforebirth.com - this womb story is coming soon)

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23 yr old Non-Binary, Gender-Fluid Male

          8 skype sessions over 6 months 



(watch on wombTV @ socialbeforebirth.com - this womb story is coming soon) 

                                BEFORE                                                    AFTER          


Non-Binary Male WTS with proof

Female Twin Miscarried - 11 weeks conception

Reconsidered Gender Reassignment Surgery

Reclaimed Authentic Singular Self






              MTF                                                                    TWINDIVIDUAL

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Screen Shot 2019-06-11 at 12.21.49 AM.pn
Screen Shot 2018-10-12 at 1.41.20 PM.png

from Gender-Fluid to Freedom - making new authentic choices 

This is what Womb Twin Loss looks like when there are two genders being kept alive in the 'Dream of the Womb' ...

when brought to awareness, the opposite-gender twin is released, gender & identity confusion resolved and the TWINDIVIDUAL Self can be reclaimed.  A same-gender womb loss is not as easy to see!

Pre- and Peri-natal Trauma containing grief of twin/multiple loss has a real impact and requires tools for making peace with the hidden story.  Monica has walked that path personally and knows the life-saving value of this work, she 'whispers' to others on the path with her vast library of shared experience as they face their 'black hole' of womb grief & identity confusion to rebirth themselves consciously - this can feel like being born for the first time and is possible, even at age 70!  As a Womb Twin Survivor, Monica shares information about how to gather external and internal resources for personal learning and transformation to help keep you on track toward your goals which often results in living life more authentically and comfortably. Major symptoms disappear when we take back our power from the story which no longer serves us.  

The TWINDIVIDUAL path for Womb Twin Survivors  is a tool developed by Monica Hudson, based on her own experience, and was endorsed by Althea Hayton.  By sharing this path with numerous WTS around the world, we see that no matter how unique each womb story is, the transformational process for resolving traumatic grief imprints is the same, there are patterns, this can be figured out.  Sometimes that knowledge alone can be the breakthrough to core authenticity we never knew we needed and is instantly transformational.  You're not alone and your pain is real!  No matter matter what kind of loss you survived, when we revisit it together and update the memory bank in a safe way, we can move forward with better boundaries and a stronger sense of Self. 


Because of the important yet experimental nature of this "lone survivor" effect, lack of resources, skepticism, and focus on parents of WTS rather than the surviving offspring, Monica has spent the past eleven years  interpreting relevant information through a 'WTS lens' in order to save others time and give them expert data and context for their process, so they can focus on their healing.    Her up-to-the-minute perspective keeps you on track with what you need to do to be your strongest alpha Self and resist falling off into 'beta sabotage'.   We are seeing a measurable effect on symptoms for WTS who become aware of, and then make the choice to commit to doing their own WTS work.  

Many Womb Twin Survivors have no proof which further obscures an already vague condition, yet when they focus on this body of work it resonates like nothing else and the results are the same as those who do have proof, which could be an indication that the actual pre-natal events are not as important as working with residual pre-natal imprint(s).  We work to understand the events in order to arrive at the imprints so that we can access womb trauma memory to create a process for truly knowing how that imprinted upon ourselves and how that affects our identity and relationships - to self, to food, to space, to others.  We evolve from the amniotic amnesia of stuckness, to actively owning it.  In turn, we undo our unconscious tendency of "keeping the dream of the womb alive" and learn to harness the positive aspects of our duality, our multiplicity, our WTSism.  In essence, we must know the story we carry, so we know what it is we need to let go of.

Womb Twin Survivors usually have all the information they need in order to arrive at their own ability to stop this 'reaction' and transform the effects of their womb story which often contains the learning of a very early life or death struggle it never forgot.   Early 'reptilian brain' trauma makes it hard but not impossible to access such memories - creating a safe place to explore and understand what may have happened and how it affected us - bringing it up from body memory to cognition - results in transformative shifts which disrupt old patterns.  Stopping what you did before is progress! 

We continue to see patterns and symptoms diminish, or immediately resolve upon awareness, soon we hear WTS remark "oh, I'm not doing that anymore" regarding negative behaviors, phobias, physical symptoms, triggers, panic attacks, autoimmune dis-ease, that were overwhelming just weeks or months prior.  Going to the original place of trauma  together - not alone - and with others who have walked the path and made it to the other side seems to make a tremendous difference in allowing WTS defenses to soften due to our deep wounding.  It's too scary to risk empathetic failure around our core wound, so entering our black hole with authentic methods that resonate is critical to allowing defenses to weaken.  Trust is critical in the womb space and anything incongruent with the truthful discoveries made by the lone survivor, can trigger feelings of abandonment because they can reinforce the inner script that "the most important person to understand me is here but they are not here again".  Empathetic failure is our trauma to begin with, so, we avoid reinforcing this by being in the company of other WTS, who help us feel more connected, more recognized, more authentic.  Our twintuition finds a place in the world where people automatically "get it"!  As we feel safe to explore our deeper story, we get conscious of the 'black hole' so that it no longer needs to play out subconsciously.  We rebuild ourselves authentically, as conscious architects, as Twindividuals rather than false singletons who can be supported by community, if they choose.


This is a daunting yet magical time in your life if you are still reading this - resonance and authenticity are critical to tapping our alpha power and not letting beta sabotage win.  You are invited to listen deeper to what your inner voice is telling you about your pre-natal story, after all, only you know what happened there.   It may be time for you to go deeper toward the clearest understanding you can (of your life history, feelings, symptoms, traits and signs or "twinchronicities") in order to create a process for grieving, honoring, knowing your true authentic self and reclaiming your right to personal boundaries and inner peace.  It can be done if you give yourself permission to overcome survivor guilt, grief avoidance & resistance to healing and give yourself permission to (re)claim your personal space and become your most authentic Self.  What you resist persists...but it doesn't have to, when you are companioned to your deepest pain and championed to celebrate your survivor skills.  You are a remarkable human being who can learn to "BE" no matter how your life began.  Your strong survival skills are valuable now so harnessing the positives while dialing down the negatives of these effects can make life more meaningful, comfortable and worthwhile, alleviating burdens of dis-ease and promoting a relationship with Self which feels more complete than most Womb Twins can conceive of in their minds when they begin this work due to neurological defaults which can be overcome when brought to awareness and retrained, as needed.  A TWINDIVIDUAL guide helps us safely access the reptilian brain archive of stored trauma "twin companioned" in order to let the defenses down, pull up cellular memory for processing, knowing it will be productive, trusting we'll come back better not worse - all of these factors assist in helping us access to the core wound we have become so good at avoiding and compartmentalizing simply because there wasn't a safe place for expression and authenticity for it in born life...until now!  

Other pre-birth experiences for which these areas of focus can also be useful for:

  • Trauma or near-death experience of singleton fetus

  • Trauma or near-death experience of maternal host during your twin or non-twin pregnancy

  • Unwanted pregnancy (or other maternal stress) resulting in survivor guilt

  • Non-Twin traumatic prenatal imprints like toxic womb etc.