Get expert guidance you can use to get clarity about your version of pre-verbal trauma which may contain imprints of twin/multiple loss -  avoid the pitfalls of amniotic amnesia, grief avoidance and resistance to healing.  Now there is measurable proof - when Womb Twin Survivors actively use the techniques of Althea Hayton to activate their own personal ability to transform the unwanted, negative effects of traumatic pre- and peri-natal imprints, personal transformation is possible. 


When we face our early trauma - no matter how painful, scary, confusing, overwhelming or numbing it feels -  we can see outcomes of more homeostasis and a wider window of tolerance resulting in better Self regulation.  We can see physical symptoms change or resolve, and, a more robust ability to embrace life and begin anew with greater resilience for dialing up the true gifts which are our inheritance when we give ourselves permission to claim our treasure.

As a walker of the Womb Twin (2007-present) + Twindividual (2011-present) paths, along with earlier involvement in the Twinless Twin community (2003-2007), Monica has extensive knowledge-sharing experience with all kinds of former + existing twins/multiples around the world, for nearly twenty years she has heard the stories and witnessed the changing landscape of early grief traumas, enabling Womb Twin Survivors and their families to gather internal and external resources to keep it productive and moving toward Twindividual wholeness.


Monica's toolbox includes a range of options for you to consider, from intuitive womb talk & sacred remembering to expressive arts and experiential exercises to help identify the complex material behind the imprint so that it can be brought to awareness.   By exploring womb space together, making correlations to born life, we re-expose ourselves to the story in a safe way that allows us to update the memory bank (not alone this time!) so that we can let go of old patterns that no longer serve us, enabling the most authentic Self to shine. 


Expert Facilitation to help you resolve effects of your pre-birth story by phone + online 

Womb Twin Discovery Sessions help you determine whether you may be a Womb Twin Survivor and give you a safe place for informed exploration of what your pre-birth story may have been based on the story/symptoms you reveal.  Information will be gained which you may consider for managing and navigating the path while ensuring you understand the complexities of this condition as it pertains to you, helping you interpret your options for maximizing the potential for personal transformation based on your unique story and answer any questions you may have about the way forward. 

There is absolutely no obligation to continue exploration after the initial Womb Twin Discovery Session but most find it is the beginning of a new chapter in their quest for authentic identity.  The immediate resonance and shifting they feel upon approaching this topic, compared to prior methods, is an indication they are in the right place for finally getting to "it."  If you are hearing this whisper become louder as you read, then welcome home!

Monica is available for Ongoing Private or Group Womb Whispering,

Talks and Public Appearances due to her immersive and practical knowledge of pre-natal imprints and all things Twin/UnTwinned